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What do I play?

I am often asked what kind of guitar I play personally. While I have owned many great guitars from numerous builders, three remain as the keepers. One is a Jean Larrivée Guitars D-03, the second being a C.F. Martin & Co. HD-28, and third is a Composite Acoustics OX Raw with electronics.
While each guitar is wonderful in it’s own right and for different sounds, it’s the Composite Acoustics that is always by my side. The reasons are many. Being entirely made of carbon fiber, I never have to worry about humidity. The stainless steel frets and Plek setup make it not only effortless to play but also unlikely that I will ever need a fret job. The built in pickup with tuner works exceptionally well, and plugged-in to my Schertler Acoustics Swiss Made David amp is like a chorus of Angels singing!
Bottom line, if you don’t already own a CA guitar, you owe it to yourself to have one in your stable.

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