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I have had the Eastman EP20 now for a few weeks and it sounds wonderful. Just a little info for you : I have experimented with strings, and the light gauge coated strings from Elixir are the best sounding so far. But, here is the interesting thing. I put Aquila classical strings on to see what that sounded like. I have played classical guitar for nearly 60 years now and have owned some very high priced instruments over that time. This little parlor guitar sounds as good as the best, and better than most: that includes many high priced builders... But once I put the parlor guitar through my Fishman Loudbox Mini, it is absolute magic.What a guitar !!!!Just thought you might like to know that.Have great year Dave, and thanks again for this beauty.

Alex | Cathlamet, WA

I'm writing to let you know just how pleased I am with theLarrivee D-40RI just purchased from you. I could go on and on, but a killer guitar at at a killer price doesn't leave much else to say. This purchase represents the term "true value" in a world of overpriced, over-hyped guitars. Way to go- Dave's Woodstock Music and Jean Larrivee.

Steve Weston | Ulysses, Pennsylvania

Just thought I would let you know the following:1) I bought this guitar from you without ever playing it (Larrivee D-03RE Lefty), solely based on the reviews I have read and your recommendation.2) I currently own a Martin J40 and a Gibson J100 Xtra custom made in their Montana custom shop.Hands down, my new Larivee is the best sounding and most playable of the three!Put me down as a huge new fan of Larivee guitars and Dave's Woodstock Music.

Kirk Dawson | Trafalgar, IN

Hey Dave. I just received my Larrivee P-03. Its a wonderful little guitar! I just wanted to thank you for the professional timely experience in ordering a guitar from you. It was a pleasure and my easiest guitar buying experience ever. THANK YOU!

Jason Avilla | Visalia, CA

My daughter picked up the Eastman AC622CE that we talked about yesterday. Dave, I’m 61 years old and not an emotional or a touchy feely kind of guy. I feel compelled to tell you I am stunned. My go to acoustic guitars are an older Gibson J180 from the Bozeman custom shop and a newer Taylor 512CE. Big question now is when will these guitars see the light of day again now that I’m playing this little gem you sold me! You made me a believer! Can’t thank you or your other Dave enough for the help and hope you both have a great Holiday. I will be back to do business with you.

John Kumm