Hi Dave,

The Larivee (P-03MT) arrived and I'm loving it. I really appreciate the conversations we had over the phone and particularly the heads up about the even tones across the strings. At first I was disappointed by the low e since I'm so used to the Martin's low tones but as I'm getting to know it and how to play it, I'm just melting over the sound. It somehow sounds warm and crisp at the same time. And the higher notes just ring out beautifully. Finally it's perfect for my body frame. I think I've found the best guitar for me. Thank you for making the leap of online buying a great experience.

Elizabeth B
Greenfield, MA
Added January 2023

Hello Dave,

I wanted to thank you again for a great experience in purchasing my Eastman T486. It is a beautiful guitar which plays and sounds great. Fit and finish are awesome. The value for the cost is exceptional, exceeding the major brand of this type guitar. You answered all of my questions and calmed my fears of purchasing a guitar on-line. The guitar is just as you described, and I believe even looks nicer in person. The case is almost like a bank vault, so I have no fears about it traveling. The transaction was also one of the smoothest I’ve had.

Fellow guitarists, when you are looking for your next “the one”, give Dave a call. His customer service is excellent. I much prefer the personal service from a small business owner to the big box experience. Dave knows guitars and can help you select the right instrument for you. Give him a chance to earn your business. You will be glad you did.

Anthony C.
Inman, SC

Added November 2022

Hi Dave,

I have had the Eastman EP20 now for a few weeks and it sounds wonderful. Just a little info for you : I have experimented with strings, and the light gauge coated strings from Elixir are the best sounding so far. But, here is the interesting thing. I put Aquila classical strings on to see what that sounded like. I have played classical guitar for nearly 60 years now and have owned some very high priced instruments over that time. This little parlor guitar sounds as good as the best, and better than most: that includes many high priced builders... But once I put the parlor guitar through my Fishman Loudbox Mini, it is absolute magic.

What a guitar !!!!

Just thought you might like to know that.

Have great year Dave, and thanks again for this beauty.

Cathlamet, WA

Added January 2017


Hi Dave,

I'm writing to let you know just how pleased I am with the Larrivee D-40R I just purchased from you. I could go on and on, but a killer guitar at at a killer price doesn't leave much else to say. This purchase represents the term "true value" in a world of overpriced, over-hyped guitars. Way to go- Dave's Woodstock Music and Jean Larrivee.

Happy Customer,
Steve Weston
Ulysses, Pennsylvania

Added June 2016

Hi Dave,

Just thought I would let you know the following:
1) I bought this guitar from you without ever playing it (Larrivee D-03RE Lefty), solely based on the reviews I have read and your recommendation.
2) I currently own a Martin J40 and a Gibson J100 Xtra custom made in their Montana custom shop.
Hands down, my new Larivee is the best sounding and most playable of the three!

Put me down as a huge new fan of Larivee guitars and Dave's Woodstock Music.

All the best,
Kirk Dawson
Trafalgar, IN

Added March 2016


Hi Dave,

Hey Dave. I just received my Larrivee P-03. Its a wonderful little guitar! I just wanted to thank you for the professional timely experience in ordering a guitar from you. It was a pleasure and my easiest guitar buying experience ever. THANK YOU!

Jason Avilla
Visalia, CA

Added February 2016


Hi Dave,

II wanted to take a couple minutes and write a review of my new (gently used) National Resolectric Sunburst purchased through Dave's Wood stock Music.

First I want to compliment you on how awesome you handled the paperwork and funding details. I love the PDF invoices. Having a receipt and info on a letter-sized document, plus one I can store on my computer is really great. I carry an insurance policy that covers all my guitars, and its real handy to have this document as proof of value, plus the pictures I took when I got the guitar. Not to mention the straight forward way you do business. I have been a happy customer of yours for a long time.

When the package arrived, my first impression was, "wow, this was packed really well." My next was, "oh look, a cool National case too." Then I opened the case and was just floored with how beautiful this instrument is, it has a great flame maple top, and the most awesome, gorgeous (add a few more cool positive words here) neck I have ever seen on any instrument. Upon close inspection she doesn't have a ding, scratch, or any kind of apparent use mark at all. The guitar looks like it just came out of the factory to me,

Then I plugged it in. These Resolectrics have a 1-3/4" wide nut, so I was a bit concerned how she would fit in my hand. But having played guitar for 40 years, there was simply no problems there. In fact the little extra bit of string spacing gives me a really great feel when doing finger-style music. It has a Highlander pickup under the resonator biscuit and a Lollar P-90 in the bridge. I found out later by a quick email to National that according to the serial number, this one was built in January of 2008. There are 3 knobs on the guitar, highlander volume, P-90 volume and master volume. There is an entire pallet of available tones with these combinations. The P-90 has a slightly darker tone than the highlander, so you can set up a mix of treble/bass that way even though it doesn't have a tone control.

Everything I play on the instrument sounds spectacular. From roots blues, to finger-style jazz standards, to RUSH or classic rock, it will do it all in my hands. I have a large selection of overdrive pedals and they all take on new tones with the Resolectric. The highlander's bright EQ makes some of them sound down right gritty like fuzz pedals. This is and was a pleasant new tonal surprise. So many of my guitars sound similar when overdriven, the Resolectric adds a unique new set of tones. Again, ecstatic at this purchase.

Weight-wise I didn't know what to expect, as it had been a while since I had played one in person, I couldn't remember if this was going to be a heavy guitar or what... But she is very light. Upon investigating the build process, they route out a large circle in the solid mahogany body in order to place the resonator cone deep inside the body of the guitar. The cone assembly is very light, so the guitar is (I am guessing) around the 6lbs. mark if that.

I can't put this little beast down! I generally leave one guitar out by my amp to enjoy instead of having to open the case every time, etc. I did learn that the Highlander set up is battery powered, there is a battery compartment on the back of the guitar behind the controls. I installed two brand new Duracell 9v batteries as I didn't know how old the batteries in the guitar were.

Its easily become my #1 guitar since the second I opened the case. I have a lot of other guitars, Gibsons, Fenders, G&Ls (love my G&Ls !!!), but they have been staying in their cases lately, maybe a bit guitar-jealous that I have been enjoying the new Resolectric so much, haha.

Great service, great products, as if the gods hand-picked this one right out of heaven.

I couldn't be happier !!!

Jim Hendee
Plano, Texas

Added October 5, 2015

Hi Dave,

I got the Legacy HB yesterday and it is spectacular!! The hard tail sustains for days, very cool feature with single coil pups. The pickup choices G&L uses match really well. The HB pup is great with the Alnico singles.

I love the neck profile! From now on all G&Ls for me will have the #3 Wide C 1-11/16" neck. I had a really nice 1988 ASAT Leo Fender signature, but the neck was always too small for me... now I know what to ask for. Really, I kinda gambled on the neck, going by just the 1-11/16" nut... but the rest falls into place along with the nut. Funny, its the only G&L neck with a 1-11/16" nut... kinda the standard nut for Fender Strats for years, maybe they're just trying to be different.

Fit, finish, playability, tone... man, I couldn't ask for more...

And thank you for your end of the deal. Its a pleasure doing business with you. The PDF invoices are a great way to communicate costs/quote/payments/paid in full.

It was also great to get the guitar in the actual box, as shipped from G&L. It was way cool opening the box for the first time (try that at Guitar Center... NOT...). It sill has this new smell to it. And it was perfectly in tune as soon as I took it out, all I had to do was plug in and play. I know some folks who de-tune guitars when they ship, but I've never thought it was necessary myself.

Thank you for an excellent guitar, and thank G&L for making such awesome, quality instruments. Combined with excellent dealers like yourself, they get their quality stuff to folks like me the best way possible. Thanks Dave !!!

Jim H

Added April 22, 2015

Hi Dave,
My daughter picked up the Eastman AC622CE that we talked about yesterday. Dave, I’m 61 years old and not an emotional or a touchy feely kind of guy. I feel compelled to tell you I am stunned. My go to acoustic guitars are an older Gibson J180 from the Bozeman custom shop and a newer Taylor 512CE. Big question now is when will these guitars see the light of day again now that I’m playing this little gem you sold me! You made me a believer! Can’t thank you or your other Dave enough for the help and hope you both have a great Holiday. I will be back to do business with you.


John Kumm


Added Dec 26, 2014

David, I ordered a G&L Comanche from you last year in November. I received it in December, and I must say, it is such a beautiful guitar! It sounds superb and I absolutely love it. It's been gig tested quite a few times already and it has lived up to the G&L name. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks! I will definitely recommend your website to all.

Brian L. Miller

Added February 18, 2014

Hey Dave, I thought I should let you know I picked up my G&L LB100 November 29. That was only 4 weeks from the time it was ordered it. I only wish I had ordered my JB from you as well. That was my first experience ordering an instrument on line and it was a nightmare. You're the man. After a short visit on the phone with you I felt relaxed and confident all would be well with my order. The LB 100 arrived in great shape, The fit, finish, fretwork and out of the box setup was great, just a wee adjustment on the G and D strings and it was ready to go. I am a fan of G&L basses. I own a Mahogany L1000 I bought in 1980 or 81 ,a JB I acquired in 2009, and now an LB100. G&L makes incredible instruments and I am really somewhat confused as to why bass players in major recording and touring acts don't play G&L basses. These basses quite simply blow Fenders out of the water { I own a couple of those too }. Are they afraid to step out of the Fender box? The tone is AWESOME. This bass makes an American Standard P Bass look and sound very sad. All the best in your new location. I thank you for your professionalism.


Les Kesler

Hey Dave, 
I have received my G&L Fallout about two weeks ago; and, it is perfect. Right out of the case, the set-up is spot-on. And, the vintage tint with the black body and creme pick guard look even better in real life than I had imagined it would. Every inch of the finish is perfect as well. Well worth the wait! 
I also find that the body shape of the Fallout/SC fits me very nicely and I love the design of it. 
The "slimming-down" of the headstock was a good move too, as it puts it in more of a compatible scale with the smaller body (as compared to the SC2). The pick guard is a big hit with me too; I only wish G&L would design a similar pick guard for the SC2. Oh, and most importantly, the tones that come out of this thing are exciting to say the least. I still am getting to know my Fallout and it inspires me to play more than I had been lately.....is it possible that a guitar could be my muse? 
In conclusion, I am 100% happy with my G&L Fallout and the top-notch workmanship. The pride in their work shows; and, as long as G&L keeps up this level of quality, I will remain a G&L devotee! 
Best Regards, 
-Don Grigsby

Don Grigsby 

Added May 26, 2013

Hi Dave! 

Thanks for making my recent guitar buy a satisfying experience! It's not always easy being a left-handed guitarist, and finding a lefty guitar has often been an unwelcome challenge for me, at best. So when I found myself in the market for a parlor guitar, I did a good bit of research … online at eBay, on Craigslist, in music stores and their Internet websites … and finally it came down to Dave's Woodstock Music and a Larrivée P-09. It wasn't just that Dave's Woodstock Music had the best price: The customer service was personable and informative, your follow-up was reliable, and your relationship with Larrivée made my purchase a snap. The P-09 arrived as promised and on time—I've been playing it a lot, and it's a gem. I have to start making notes for my next lefty acoustic (or maybe one of the Larrivée RS electrics) ... which maker, which woods, which inlays on the neck, which electronics … and come back to Dave's Woodstock Music when I'm ready! All the best! Michael Luther

Michael Luther 

Added Jul 17, 2012

Hey Dave- I just received the lefty Larrivee Bakersfield this afternoon. Wow. I am blown away by the quality of this guitar! The fit and finish is incredible for a guitar in this price range. The pickups and hardware are top shelf, the feel of the neck is perfect, and it is very light and resonant. It plays like a dream and sounds great. This is the best T-style guiar I've ever owned, hands down. Thanks for the great deal and fantastic service. Best wishes.

Pete Alinovich 

Added Jul 3, 2012

just wanna say how much i love my larrivee OMV-3RE. bought it a year ago,have already earned my money back from gigs i played this guitar at.also bought my ultrasound DS4 ,which i get lots of compliments on.....looking to purchase another guitar soon,an investment.got any suggestions?thanks ...john r.

john rossi 

Added May 28, 2012

I purchased a G&L ASAT Classic Custom in Himalayan Blue guitar from David last Friday and Tues it was in my hands. Killer guitar built like a guitar should be-like a tank. I love the high quality pics on the site and the service is outstanding. I called with a few questions and then ordered the guitar while on the phone. 10 MIN later the guitar sale was processed and it was shipped that day. I love the selection of high quality guitars -especially the G&L models in colors you dont many other places. Thanks again -my wife has named our new guitar 'Baby' -i look forward to my next guitar adoption.

joe sedita 

Added Mar 29, 2012

Dave, I got the amp on Thursday, and am very pleased with the complete experience! The amp is fabulous, by the way. I sincerely appreciate you going the extra mile to make this sweet deal. Our world today doesn't see many businesses doing things the old fashioned way(ie-complete customer satisfaction). It's usually take it or leave it. I will look to you in the future as needs arise, and tell my fellow musicians of my pleasent shopping experience with you. 
Hope you have a great holiday season. 
Best Regards, 
Jeff Chapman 
Big Jeff's Blues

Jeff Chapman 

Added Nov 4, 2011

Hi Dave, 

I just wanted to let you know that my custom built cherry burst quilt top G & L Legacy arrived on time. 

The quilt top and the Birdseye maple neck are gorgeous and were well worth the wait. The guitar plays and sounds wonderful, the frets are well dressed, the action is low ( ~ 2 mm.. 14th fret) with no fret buzz and the intonation is right on. The sustain is good for this type of guitar ( ~ 30 secs. low E string ). the fit and finish are flawless. Additionally the upgraded case is well made and worth having. Based on the variability of web based images I was a little concerned about the cherry burst finish I am happy to report that I am pleased with it. 

The sales experience with you went very smoothly and I would purchase from you again. 
Thanks for everything. I look forward to many years of enjoyment playing this fine instrument. 


Glenn Kessler