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The True Spirit of Christmas

Now is the time of year that kicks off a multitude of holiday sales, including Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, etc. Pretty much every music store is offering extra deals and discounts to secure your business this holiday season—but this is not the motivation behind this post. I think what’s most important this season, and what many of us tend to forget, is loving and caring for one another and trying to create more love and peace in this world.

While I would love for you to buy a guitar from me this holiday season, I honestly would much rather see you donate what you can to one of the many charities that needs your help so desperately. Whether it be a monetary donation to support the poor people of the Ukraine who are suffering so horribly, or making a donation to an animal shelter or sanctuary, or something like the American Cancer Society or Alzheimer’s Association. If you don’t have the money, please consider donating your time to volunteer at an animal or homeless shelter, where they always need extra helping hands. 

There are so many in need, and we sometimes forget just how fortunate we are. This holiday season, let’s put our focus back where it matters most—on the richness we have in our lives with our homes, jobs and beautiful families…the simple blessing of being warm, safe and loved.

Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and blessed holiday season. May it be filled with good health, love and joy and spent with those you care about most.

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