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    The Double Helix

    K&K Sound is proud to announce the launch of its first-evermagnetic soundhole pickup, the Double Helix! The Double Helix is ahum-cancelling, dual-coil pickup for steel-string acoustic guitars. Itfeatures a phase switch and a unique tone switch that allows players toeasily change from a bright "GLOSS" setting to a more substantial"STEAM" setting.

    When we developed the Double Helix, the major requirement was that itshould work both on its own and in combination with the Pure Pickup ina way that would enhance the final tone. The Double Helix features twoswitches, which are easily accessible even during play. One switch isfor the phase, and the second switch is for tone.

    The phase switch allows the player to adjust the phase of the pickup,so the Double Helix will harmonize with any existing pickup already inthe guitar. The tone switch allows the player to choose from twosettings: GLOSS, a fine and bright tone that sounds very acoustic, andSTEAM, a more substantial and louder tone generally associated withsoundhole pickups. Both tone settings are hum cancelling.

    In the GLOSS setting, the Double Helix enhances the Pure Pickup’s tonewith a light "shimmer" in the high end and a beautiful warm midrange.This combination features a "compression-like" tone that rivals studiorecordings. The STEAM setting provides a much more substantial tone,louder, bigger and with superb feedback rejection. It is great if youneed to bring the guitar up front in a mix.

    The Double Helix can be used as a stand-alone pickup for players whowant a simple setup and a plug-and-play amplification solution. Evenso, the Double Helix is a top-of-the-line solution that deliversK&K’s signature quality and sound. The tone switch will be an eyeopener for players who have used other soundhole pickups. Having asetting for strumming (GLOSS) and another one for melody lines (STEAM)is almost like having a "Les Paul" with two pickups, one for "rhythm"and one for "lead"! All this is done in purely passive fashion, nobattery or electronic circuit inside the guitar is needed!

    For players who swear by the Pure Pickup, the Double Helix will be awelcome addition to their setup. This combination will achieve what wasso difficult to do: to enhance the already great sound of the PurePickup!