Guitar Setup FAQ

Myths about a Dealer Set-Up:
Many Dealers tout that they do a setup before they ship the guitar to you.
In our opinion, here is why this does not make good sense for you:
  • Most quality builders, such as Larrivee, Northwood and Eastman, do an exemplary job of setup before the guitar ships to their Dealers.
  • Any good personalized setup to your individual needs is best handled by you being present with a good local guitar Tech.
  • An additional setup done to a guitar that is shipping elsewhere in the country now becomes subject to various climate and humidity changes, as well as courier handling.
  • If a Dealer were to sand down your saddle and adjust the truss rod in a way that made your guitar unplayable, you will need to go back to that Dealer for repair. You cannot go back to the builder as a warranty issue!
  • Here at Dave's Woodstock Music, every guitar is inspected and played briefly to ensure fit, finish and playability. If it is not everything it should be, we will never send it to you!

Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our business. We treat you the same way that we would hope to be treated on any quality item purchase. No fluff, no hype, just the attention and professionalism that we know you deserve.