Acoustic Pickups K&K Sound K&K Pure Mini for Steel String Guitars

K&K Pure Mini for Steel String Guitars

K&K Pure Mini for Steel String Guitars
K&K Pure Mini pickup
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K&K Pure Mini is a transducer system only. No battery, no onboard electronic, just the pickups.

The special K&K Pure Mini surface transducers transmit a significant portion of the soundboard because they are not as close to the strings as an under-saddle pickup. Each of the 3 or 4 transducers is designed to pick up a specific string pair, but also “listens” to the adjacent area around the bridge. The K&K Pure pickups are not under pressure and therefore do NOT sound percussive or harsh. The K&K Pure System reproduces all strings nicely balanced, a known problem with under-saddle pickups. The Pure System sounds great just in passive mode! Unlike under-saddle pickups which passively sound thin and trebled-only, the passive PURE system puts out a nicely balanced, warm, full range signal.
How safe is the K&K Pure System with feedback? Due to the K&K Pure System's location on the bridge plate under the bridge, feedback resistance is comparable to under-saddle transducers. Technically, a pickup installed in or on the bridge is a lot less likely to feedback than one which is attached to the open sound board. The 1/8” thin sound board can act like a diaphragm and vibrate along with loud sound-signals from speaker cabinets. This is the kind of feedback you experience on an acoustic guitar. The thicker bridge area is a lot harder to be set into vibration from an outside source simply because of its mass. In our tests with both, steel string and classic guitars equipped with an under-saddle pickup plus the Pure System, we were able to achieve about the same gain-before-feedback with both systems.

Frequently asked question: Do I need a preamp with my K&K Pure Mini pickup?
The K&K Pure Mini pickup has great volume and tone without a preamp, however, a preamp provides several advantages. The output impedance of the Pure Western is 1 mega ohm, K&K products, like the K&K Pure XLR, are specifically designed to match this impedance the result being a transparent acoustic quality with reduced risk of feedback.
Options such as volume, EQ and phase are very important for shaping the desired acoustic tone while keeping control in the hands of the musician. Preamps manufactured by other companies will still be useful to control volume and EQ, but have a definite coloration of tone.

We recommend the K&K Pure Mini pickups for all acoustic guitars as a first choice.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Bradley Kinzel (
    This is the most natural sounding pickup Iv ever used. Iv had a few people tell me they are easy to get low feedback. Mine is in a Larrivee D-03R and Iv had no real problems with feedback. Couldnt recommend this pickup more!!!!
  • Author: David Berchtold
    I've been using K&K mini pickups for several years now. I have them in three diffrent guitars. They are very natrual sounding. How natural? I've had people tell me my direct recordings sound mic'd. You can hear wood and steel.
  • Author: Jeff Mayer
    I've heard alot of the K&K systems, but didn't know whether they sounded that good or not. I purchased a Standard K&K Western, and installed it today, which was not that difficult, and certainly much easier than installing a Fishman UST. Plugged it in and.....WOW! What a great natural sounding pickup. I couldn't believe how good it sounded. It doesn't have that piezo quack, and is very loud without an amplifier or pre-amp. How do they do it? I don't know, but I know I'm a believer now! My friend wants one in his guitar now, after hearing how mine sounded.
  • Author: Denis Turbide
    I've bought several of these from Dave now and the last one I decided to install it myself. It was a whole lot easier than I thought it would be and it sounds great. I use it live with a K&K Pure Preamp. Never have to worry about what pickup to buy for any future guitar purchases!
  • Author: Max Ferry
    I installed the Pure Western Mini on my Larrivee L03 over a year still amazes me at how natural and full it sounds. I probably could have gone with the full-sized version and gotten slightly more level, but I haven't found that the PWM lacked anything in that dept. One comment I hear a lot is that these are a bit hot in the mids, which, from a certain perspective is true, however it just means that the response is very flat and will need to be eq'd accordingly...exactly what you want in an acoustic guitar coloration or artificial sounding compensation in the eq...just flat, true reproduction.