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K&K Sound manufactures top-quality transducers, microphones, and preamps for a variety of instruments including acoustic guitar, double (upright) bass, drums and percussion, saxophone, piano, harp, violin, cello, banjo, harmonica, accordion, oud, mandolin, dobro, ukulele, and more.


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K&K Aloha Twin Ukulele pickup K&K Big Island Spot Ukulele pickup K&K Double Helix Solo
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K&K FanTaStick Undersaddle Transducer K&K Pre-Phase Preamp Add-On K&K Pure Classic for Nylon String Guitars
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K&K Pure Mini for Steel String Guitars K&K Pure Preamp K&K Pure XLR Preamp
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K&K Trinity Pro Mini System for Steel String Guitars Quantum Trinity Mini System for Acoustic guitar