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KoAloha is regarded around the world as one of the premier Hawaiian ukulele builders. Their ukes have a unique tone that is vibrant and wonderful for many styles. You can hear this sound in professional players like Herb Ohta Jr., Daniel Ho, Raiatea Helm, and other great players.

The Okami family and a team of great craftsmen make these amazing ukes right here on our island of Oahu. They are creative in design and with beautiful koa wood. They also have a beautiful voice with power and clarity.


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KoAloha KTM-00 Tenor Ukulele package KoAloha KCM-00 Concert Ukulele KoAloha KCM-10 Pikake Concert Ukulele
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KoAloha KCO-10 Concert Opio Ukulele KoAloha KTO-10 Tenor Opio Ukulele KoAloha KTO-10S Tenor Opio Ukulele